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Add Pumpkin to your Aromatherapy!

Pumpkin is everywhere - from lattes to candles and even in our pie. Oh wait, pumpkin pie is a classic! Especially during Thanksgiving season, where we repurpose our jack-o-lanterns (or at least their innards) to make a delicious dessert. If you love the smell of pumpkin pie, and who doesn’t, why not incorporate it into your aromatherapy regime - this blend not only makes your space smell like pie, it also has great homeopathic effects.

Pumpkin Spice Aroma

This blend comes from The Mountain Rose Blog.

20 drops Cinnamon essential oil 20 drops Ginger essential oil 20 drops Nutmeg essential oil 15 drops Clove Bud essential oil 5 drops Cardamom essential oil

Mix all essential oils in a glass bottle - one ¼ oz bottle is perfect. Screw the cap on and invert the bottle. Do NOT shake! Add the blend to your diffuser and send the lovely aromatherapy scents into your space. (Not sure how to use our diffusers? Visit the diffuser product page to watch the video).

Thanksgiving Aromatherapy

As we mentioned, this pumpkin pie essential oil blend is great for your mental and physical well-being.

Cinnamon - warming and stimulating spicy smell aids in digestion, bloating and even with flatulence. Which means it’ll help you when your stomach is too stuffed to eat even one piece of pie. Combine that with the fact that cinnamon is uplifting and inspiring and you’ll be energized to party for the rest of the day!

Ginger - warming and balancing, this essential oil is an appetite stimulant (which is helpful right before you eat). Ginger combats confusion, apathy, burnout, sadness and sexual anxieties - so put it in your diffuser to encourage good times.

Nutmeg - yet another warming essential oil, Nutmeg works with cinnamon to aid in digestion, calm nausea and promote the breakdown of food in your stomach. It also relaxes you, easing your stress and tension.

Clove - spicy, this essential oil also improves digestion, relieve gas, controls nausea and helps with stiffness. If you’re hoping to hold a long, interesting conversation with your guests, clove is the one for you! It improves memory.

Cardamom - this soothing essential oil protects your stomach and invigorates your mind by alleviating mental fatigue and nervous strain.

Ps. This blend could also be used as an aphrodisiac... just so you know!

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