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8 Essential Oils for the Holidays!

Tis the season to be jolly! Sometimes that can be hard - maybe the weather’s got you singing the blues instead of Christmas carols; or perhaps your unfinished shopping list is just stressing you out. Diffuse the situation (ha, see what we did there?) by adding these essential oils to your aromatherapy regiment and make your home smell exactly the way the holidays feel - like happiness and joy!


Smells like: Black licorice! Sweet, rich and even slightly woody.

Helps with: Keeping you feeling your best, health-wise (in fact, Anise is added to a lot of cough and cold medicines) - especially great for relieving congestion and aiding digestion.

Use when: You start getting the sniffles, especially if it’s right before the office party!

Why it’s festive: Anise seed is a common ingredient in traditional holiday treats around the world, like the Anise cookie in Italy, the Pfeffernüsse in Germany and the Biscochitos in Mexico!


Smells like: Well… cinnamon. Equal parts sweet, spicy, tart and aromatic.

Helps with: Loss of appetite (from that stressful to-do list, for example); concentration (if the holidays are distracting you during work); and headaches (from all those shoppers you had to deal with at the mall).

Use when: Add a few drops when you get home from a long shopping trip, or when you’re at your desk trying to get through those pre-holiday-time-off projects.

Add it to: If you can’t diffuse it, add a bit of cinnamon to your tea or latte!


Smells like: Very powerful (can be overwhelming), spicy and warm - think of a small room with incense burning at full power.

Helps with: Moods - it will lift your spirits! It also helps improve your memory.

Use when: You’re preparing your holiday to-do list - it’ll keep you positive and help you remember all the things on your list later!

Try blending with: Bay, bergamot, black pepper, clary sage, lavandin, lavender, vanilla and ylang ylang essential oils. Experiment and enjoy!


Smells like: Some say it is a bit like balsamic… slightly spicy and a little fruity with some earth and wood notes thrown in for good measure.

Helps with: Nerves and stress; it’s a calming sedative-like essential oil that gives you a sense of peace, relaxation and satisfaction.

Use when: You’re particularly stressed out or, if you have little ones, when they won’t calm down long enough for you to focus!

Curious about what other uses Frankincense has? Check out this post on our Facebook page!

What is Frankincense good for? Frankincense has been used for thousands of years for it's therapeutic and healing... Posted by ZAQ on Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Smells like: Not to state the obvious, but it smells like ginger snaps… and gingerbread, and really anything made with ginger!

Helps with: Indecision and motivation - it gives you strength, clarity and determination!

Use when: You’re trying to decide what to wear to your next holiday gathering.

Did you know: Ginger is an aphrodisiac… so consider yourself warned.


Smells like: Candy canes, toothpaste and mint chocolate chip ice cream

Helps with: Soothes congestion, cold symptoms and even helps with nausea and motion sickness! On the emotional side of things, peppermint is a refreshing scent that calms nerves and stimulates your mind.

Use when: Diffuse it at work to help you focus and keep your spirits up; diffuse in your car during your road trip to the in-laws (maybe try our Tour diffuser) to help deal with “motion” sickness.

Not a fan? Try peppermint’s cousin, spearmint, for a sweeter scent.

Pine Needle

Smells like: When you were young, did you ever go to a Christmas tree farm to cut down your own tree with your family? That is exactly what this essential oil smells like.

Helps with: Exhaustion and the blues - it’ll give you a boost of energy and positivity to get through the festivities; and joint pain, for when the cold weather is giving you trouble.

Use when: You (or your family) have an artificial tree - it’ll make your living room smell like a real Christmas tree!

Don’t like pine? Try Fir or Spruce needle essential oils instead!

Sweet Orange

Smells like: Orange peels or a freshly peeled orange

Helps with: Freshens up a room and makes everything smell clean; it’s an uplifting essential oil, so it’ll keep your festive spirits soaring.

Use when: You’re cleaning or preparing for company - we suggest pairing it with your favorite Holiday music album.

Plays well with: Spice oils, since they are so very powerful, benefit from a drop or two of sweet orange to keep them balanced.


What are your go-to essential oils during the holidays?

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How to you use essential oils to make your house a home during the holidays? Posted by ZAQ on Monday, 30 November 2015

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