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5 Ways to Keep Calm with Essential Oils

Life has a funny way of getting to us, preventing us from relaxing and getting the rest we need to recharge our batteries. Sometimes it’s stress (read our top essential oils for stress here) but sometimes it’s something else – maybe you’re excited for an upcoming trip and are all keyed up; or perhaps you’re just having trouble reaching that deeply relaxed state you really want. Maybe you’re feeling off-kilter because you didn’t get enough sleep or someone’s off-hand comment about your project report got to you. These essential oils will help you stay calm, relaxed, balanced and confident, all day long.

Remain Calm (Stop bouncing off the walls)

Mandarin Especially effective at soothing restless children and tends to be the most calming of all essential oils.

Palma Rosa Calms nervousness and uplifts the spirits – perfect for the night before a big trip or presentation!

Relax My Friend (You are feeling very sleepy)

Blue Tansy Traditionally used to sooth irritation (like itchiness and muscle spasms); best not to argue with tradition, as this will get you to that deeply relaxed state you crave!

Rose A rose by any other name would smell as sweet and sooth that nervous tension that’s preventing you from reaching a deep state of relaxation.

Keep Your Balance (Nothing can touch you)

Geranium Hormones… they play a huge role in our emotional and mental states, which can severely affect our calm – this floral essential oil keeps them balanced.

Blue Chamomile For mental and emotional balance, turn to this electric essential oil and you’ll find you can accept anything life throws at you.

Be Confident (The world is your oyster)

Lavender Really, this fragrant essential oil is all encompassing – it could sit under all of these headings. What it does best, though, is give you confidence you need to be you, all the time. (Try this calming essential oil jar!)

Jasmine This exotic, floral and warm essential oil will give you the confidence boost you need to show your boss (and co-workers) just how awesome you are.

Stay Positive (There’s always a silver lining)

Neroli A powerful anti-depressant, this calming and relaxing essential oil is almost as popular (and versatile) as lavender.

Frankincense No need to grab myrrh or gold, this sweet, balsamic aroma is all you need to remain calm and keep your spirits high.

Share your favorite calming essential oils with us in the comments below!

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