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5 Essential Oils to Keep you Warm All Winter

Do you ever feel like the cold just seeps under your skin and doesn’t leave? That’s one of the unfortunate side effects of playing in the snow - and these five essential oils can help you get warm, even when you’re chilled to the bone.

Black Pepper

While ground black pepper is a great way to spice up your meal, the essential oil will keep you warm while you’re waiting for dinner. Its pungent, crisp aroma supports the digestive system, stimulates the mind and gets your blood circulating so that you stay warm.


Earthy, woody and slightly balsamic, Myrrh strengthens the immune system to keep you healthy through the cold months. As an added bonus, it’s an antidepressant to keep your spirits up while it helps your body warm up.

Juniper Berry

Want to fight off that winter flu? Add a little juniper berry essential oil to your diffuser. Its crisp, woody, sweet and earthy aromas cleanse and boost your immune system. It also helps with stress, anxiety and burn out.


This essential oil will keep the winter blahs from bringing you down. Uplifting and energizing green, spicy, balsamic scents help with stress, fatigue, depression and despair. A warming essential oil, it’ll keep you healthy.


Another woody and spicy aroma (just in case you don’t like the smell of Myrrh), this essential oil has a calming, warming effect. It will relieve stress and anxiety, as well as strengthening and relaxing your mind. What's your favorite warming essential oil for the winter? Share it with us on our Facebook page

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