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5 Easy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday of the year - it’s the one day dedicated to showing your significant other how much you care. The problem though, is not falling back on the clichés of flowers and a box of chocolates. We’ve got your covered, friends! Try one of these five gift ideas this year to show your S.O. just how thoughtful you really are.

Box of Chocolates

Yes yes, this is technically a cliché gift. But we’re not talking just any box of chocolates. We mean those high quality artisan chocolates that are all the rage nowadays. Look for chocolate styles you know your S.O. likes - dark, milk, filled with caramel or with nuts. There is a wide variety of chocolates available on the market and picking ones you know your S.O. will like shows that you pay attention to the little things. We found a pretty good list of the 19 chocolatiers you should check out at Good Housekeeping.

Fondue for Two

If your S.O. loves chocolate but you’d rather not dish out on the box o’ chocolates, try fondue for two. Spend the night dipping fruit into some rich, melted dark chocolate (or thick, sharp cheese) and feeding it to each other for one of the most romantic evenings you could imagine. Bonus points if you’re sprawled out on a soft rug in front of a crackling fire. Here’s a dark chocolate fondue recipe by that’s delicious and really good for you.

Framed Poetry

You’ve seen the throw pillows, blankets and posters on other gift idea sites - you know the ones where a beautiful phrase or piece of poetry is printed on this everyday item, transforming it into a work of art. These make great gifts, especially if you find a quote that says what you feel, or one that your S.O. would enjoy. On a budget? Frame your own. Blogger Olivia explains how on her blog The New Romanticism.

Spa Day for Two

Book a couple’s massage and some other relaxing treatments at a day spa (one with their saunas, hot tubs and quiet rooms included in the price). Pass the day blissfully in soft robes getting pampered together - it’ll bring you closer together and allow you to destress after the hard week at work you’ve probably had. For the budgeter, run a bath with the Earthy Pleasures Bath blend to soak out those stresses; then plug in your diffuser and let the “Sweethearts Blend” fill the air while you whip up some Romantic Massage oil to give your S.O. a nice, long massage. (Instructions on making those blends can be found in our blog post “Celebrate Romance Awareness Month with a Love Potion.”)

Pre-planned Dates

Show your S.O. that you want to treat them all year long, not just on Valentine’s Day - plan out 12 different date nights (or days, or weekends) and put each day into an envelope, one for each month. Place those enveloped in a basket and voilà, pre-planned dates to keep the romance from Valentine’s Day alive all year long. Tip: If you really want to spoil your S.O., make at least one of those envelopes a weekend trip someplace remote and maybe even have one as a week-long vacation to some romantic island location!

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