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5 Awesome Dorm Room Decor Ideas

Your dorm is your complete living space - it’s the room where you spend all of your time, studying, relaxing, hanging with your friends and sometimes even sleeping! Make sure that your space is perfect for all of its uses with these five awesome dorm room decor ideas.

Lofty Ideas

Make a little space in your room by raising the bar… or in this case, the bed. This simple piece of furniture gives you a little extra wiggle room for your desk or maybe a comfy chair for guests. Plus, it gives you all the fun of having a bunk bed without having to share it with someone! Need to focus? Include a Paradise diffuser in your decor plans. The iridescent globe pulses with alternating LED lights that stimulate the mind; when combined with the right essential oils, it can make those all nighters much more pleasant.

Personal Touch

All dorm rooms are the same - they’re cookie-cutter spaces that usually require some creativity to decorate. Start with the walls. Most dorms won’t allow you to paint, but you can hang art. Head to your nearest dollar store and pick up a few fun frames (vary the sizes and color). Insert photos of home, prints of your favorite paintings or even funky scraps of cloth! Once you’ve hung your new art, look to the floors. A thick, colorful throw rug will not only give you a fun splash of color, it’ll keep your feet off the cold floor in the winter!

Friendly Reminder

Maybe you need to pay your student bills or perhaps someone called for your roommate. Hang a corkboard on the wall by your door so that you can post those friendly reminders where you know you’ll see them. Or you can make your own cookie tray magnet board - upcycle an old cookie tray by covering it in fabric and hanging it! Directions found at Josie Jones & Co. Stimulate that mind! Essential oils like rosemary, cypress, basil, peppermint and sage have been known to help improve memory and focus.

Be Natural

Surrounding yourself with plants is one of the best things you can do for your mind, body and spirit (as corny as that sounds, it’s true!). Plants clean the air, improving healing - just looking at them can put you in a good mood - and help you concentrate. Add a little zing to your potted plants by dipping them in neon paint. Check the DIY tips at Try a Chinese evergreen. It doesn’t need a lot of light, just needs to be evenly moist and has brightly colored leaves that will make your dorm room a haven.

Sparkle Bright

Those popular sparkle lights - you know the white Christmas lights that twinkle a little in your eye - are great to add extra light to your dorm. You can hang them across the top of the wall and let them dangle down or string them over the edge of your loft bed (see what we did there?). If you’re looking for something a little bit more original, try these DIY Marquee Lights by Home Heart Craft. Get out (of this world)! Combine the twinkle light marquee sign with the Galaxy diffuser to bring the universe into your space - add a little bit of lavender then sit back and watch the stars. Find more dorm room decorating ideas on our Pinterest page!

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