Diffusers are wonderful.  In fact, I have several throughout my home.  My children each have one in their bedrooms, I have one in mine as well, I have one in my living room, in our family room downstairs and in the main bathroom.  I also like to mix it up a bit and use different scents in different parts of the house so as not to develop olfactory fatigue - my body getting used to and blocking out the scent after a while.  I absolutely love the smells that aromatherapy has to offer!

As I was thinking about all of this and thinking about how thankful I was for the many reasons I can use a diffuser to make my life better.  I will share with you the 20 reasons I am truly thankful (and this is the season for being thankful!) for my diffuser:

  1. Mood Elevation  Smells have a strong effect on our emotions.  Most of the time, we aren't even aware of it but smells affect our brain which affects mood.  Try ZAQ Sweet Orange Essential Oil for a mood lifter.
  2. Germ Zapper Eucalyptus has powerful antibacterial properties.  Diffusing ZAQ's 100% Pure Essential Oil in the Bamboo diffuser is a great way to fight bacteria and it doesn't have the side effects of antibiotics or harsh chemicals of household cleaners.
  3. Deep Sleep  ZAQ's Lavender 100% Essential Oil in your diffuser has the ability to lull you into deep and restful sleep. For children, try the Sky diffuser.
  4. Air Freshening Ugh, nothing worse than coming home to a stale-smelling house! Try diffusing some citrus essentials oils to do the trick such ZAQ's Lemon or Organic Lime in the Mirage diffuser.
  5. Weight Management Using a diffuser for managing weight is a great idea.  Try using ZAQ's Cinnamon Bark Organic Essential Oil for stabilizing blood sugar, ZAQ'sGinger Organic Essential Oil to improve digestive health or ZAQ's Fennel Organic Essential Oil, which has a wonderful licorice scent to temporarily curb appetite.
  6. Allergy Relief It's that time of year again!  If you suffer from allergies, try wrapping up in a blanket with a cup of tea and diffuse some ZAQ Peppermint Essential Oil in the Gem.
  7. Get Rid of Insects Use your Lotus diffuser with ZAQ's Lemongrass Organic Essential Oil.  Lemongrass is especially good for repelling fleas, flies, and mosquitoes.
  8. Relaxation Try ZAQ's Lavender Essential Oil to help relax away stress in the Galaxy diffuser to softly releases luxurious aromas and moisturized mist into the air.
  9. Relieve Pain “It’s not the scent that can make your joints feel better,” says wellness specialist Brenda Powell, MD. “It’s the plant chemicals — the herbal components — that you take in through your skin or nose. These are what affect your body.” Try ZAQ's Organic Geranium with your Jellyfish diffuser to ease the pain.
  10. Keeping Cool  My friend swears by using ZAQ Peppermint Essential Oil in her Dew diffuser at night to help with hot flashes and to keep cool.  
  11. Memory Recall In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the character Ophelia declares: ‘There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance. Pray you, love, remember.’ Research has shown that rosemary has a significant, positive effect on memory and improves reaction time. Try ZAQ's Rosemary Organic Essential Oil in the Noor diffuser.
  12. Relieves Snoring The best thing to help with snoring is diffusing Thyme Essential Oil and/or ZAQ's Eucalyptus Essential Oil.  Remember to start diffusing a half hour before bedtime so the room is full of the mist before bedtime.
  13. Calming Children Children can get upset after a long day, too. Try diffusing ZAQ's Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil in the Mini.  You can even take it with you to use when you need it!
  14. Increase Exercise Endurance Clove is the one to diffuse while exercise (as well as a few others.  Stay tuned in an upcoming blog!).  Clove helps with building immunity and increases white blood count.  
  15. Increase Alertness Diffusing ZAQ's Clarity Essential Oil in the Pebble will bring the mind back into focus and help with alertness.  The Pebble releases soothing aromatherapy mist from the top, providing you with the best essential oils can offer.
  16. Set the Mood Rose Essential Oil has been known to be used to set the mood. Diffusing in the Lucent can become an aphrodisiac.  
  17. Saves Time and Money When you use a diffuser, you help yourself feel better, relieve pain, calm down, perk up and many, many other benefits that will prevent those expensive doctor appointments and co-pays.  Not to mention, the cost of those pricey prescription drugs.  Diffusing saves time and money and lets you help yourself in a natural, relaxed environment.  
  18. Breathe Easier Diffusing essential oils (such as ZAQ's Rosemary) help alleviate breathing problems by opening the respiratory airways, clearing congestion, strengthening the immune system, draining sinuses, reducing inflammation, fighting colds, purifying the air and much more.
  19. Associating Positive Memories Anytime you have something wonderful to smell and something good happening at the same time, you will be able to remember the two together when you think back to an event.  Diffusing any of your favorite essential oils work here!  
  20. Safer Alternative to Candles Many popular candles and wax melts have toxins.  When you light these to have a great smelling house, you are also breathing in all the toxicity with it.  Stick to essential oils.  It is 100% natural and pure and such a safer alternative.  There are so many reasons to diffuse the wonderful essential oils available, you won't want to go back to candles!

Kris Bitar

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