15 Reasons to Use Aromatherapy With Your Children and Wonder Why You Didn't Start Earlier

Certainly, we want what is best for our children.  Essential oils have shown so much benefit I  think many people just don't realize how beneficial these oils can be for social, emotional and physical purposes for our young ones.  Sometimes, when people ask me about essential oils, they want to know health benefits for themselves or recipes for their diffusers to make their homes smell good and that's all wonderful as well, but there is often an overlooked benefit of essential oil use and that is to benefit what is truly most precious to us - our children.

Here are 15 reasons why aromatherapy is great for our children:

  1. Immunity Booster According to Dr. Bo Hendgen, the average child is sick up to twelve times in its first year of life and eight times in year two.  While it is true we are all born with some natural immunity, we can help out along the childhood path by boosting our child's immunity with aromatherapy.  Try a drop or two of ZAQ's Lemon !00% Pure Essential Oil in your diffuser and allow your child to play in the same room to reap all the benefits. 
  2. Restful Sleep  Sometimes children have a hard time falling asleep.  Turn on ZAQ's SKY Diffuser and add a couple of drops of ZAQ's Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil and your child will have a deep, restful sleep.
  3. Sadness It's a fact of life; sometimes our children get sad.  A great way to help eliminate that is a drop of ZAQ's Organic Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil in a diffuser and let your child do an activity in the same room.  Cinnamon Bark can help with feelings of sadness and depression for both children and adults.
  4. Emotional Wellbeing Add some love and trust into your child's life with a little ZAQ Organic Geranium Essential Oil to diffuse away grief and inner pain and heal the heart and help instill trust and love.  Of course, hugs help, too!
  5. Calming  Sometimes, a child gets fussy or an older child gets nervous over homework. When this happens, a child needs calming and a great oil to diffuse around them is ZAQ Sweet Orange Organic Essential Oil.  This is a mood stabilizing oil and it is wonderful for calming.  
  6. Fear Buster ZAQ's Organic Juniper Berry Essential Oil can be used in your diffuser to dispel nighttime fears, night terrors and avoid nightmares if your child has these issues.  Monsters under the bed, BE GONE!
  7. Colds/Congestion If you are trying to limit the number of over-the-counter medications you are giving your child, try diffusing ZAQ's Sacred Frankincense Organic Essential Oil.  A drop goes a long way and be sure to use in a large room. This will help to loosen colds and congestion.
  8. Aches/Pains Does your child suffer from aches/pains after football, basketball or any other number of sports?  Try ZAQ's Organic Lime Essential Oil.  By diffusing the wonderful scent of lime into the air, your child's aches/pains will fade away.
  9. Cuts/Scrapes/Nicks/Burns  A wonderful aroma to diffuse for your child's owies is ZAQ's Roman Chamomile Organic Essential Oil.  It is known for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and wonderful for healing minor burns.
  10. Temper Tantrums We have all been there!  Try diffusing ZAQ Ylang Ylang Organic Essential Oil.  Although a temper tantrum isn't an ailment, it can sure seem like one in a busy store in the middle of the day!  Diffusing the sweet smell of ylang-ylang will defuse the stress built between both of you and help manage the situation. 
  11. Memory Improvement Easily, ZAQ's Rosemary Organic Essential Oil will work if your child needs to learn his phone number or study for a big test.  Rosemary essential oil, when breathed in by diffuser, helps children remember what they are learning; some say by 75%!
  12. Energy Booster It's getting dark and gloomy outside and kids are ready for a break and a boost.  Try a drop or two of ZAQ's Sweet Orange 100% Pure Essential Oil mixed with a drop or two of ZAQ's Peppermint Organic Essential Oil for a total blast of energy boosting power!  I guarantee your kids and the entire family will appreciate this one on a sluggish day.
  13. Acne Prone Skin Ah, the teen years and our kiddos.  If your teen is worried about acne and you've tried all those over-the-counter products without luck, try diffusing ZAQ's Tea Tree 100% Pure Essential Oil for its detoxifying effects on acne.  Just switch on the diffuser while your child is working on homework and let it go to work.
  14. Upset Tummy When your child gets an upset tummy or is even experiencing anxiety, try diffusing ZAQ's Ginger Organic Essential Oil.  The earthy, zingy scent of ginger reduces nausea and helps with anxiety. 
  15. Strength & Courage  We want our children to be successful in whatever they do.  Before a big musical performance, a play, reciting a speech or anything else that takes strength and courage, allow your child to spend some time breathing in the aromatic, warm, and woody scents of ZAQ's Sweet Fennel Organic Essential Oil.  It could just be the trick to give that little boost of confidence to get the tough jobs done!

I hope you find this list helpful in assisting your child through good times and hard times with the magic of essential oils. As a side note, I am enclosing a link about using essential oils around little ones. There are some oils which shouldn't be used around children at all and some of them need to be used with a little extra care. Also, always remember to keep the lids securely tightened on the oil bottles and out of reach of little ones. Click on this link for information on Using Essential Oils Safely Around Children by Kristin Martin, Aromatherapist: http://www.usingeossafely.com/essential-oils-and-children/

Kris Bitar

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