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10 Aromatherapy & Wellness Gift Ideas

The gift-giving season is almost upon us and we’re all starting to feel the panic of thinking of and then buying the perfect gift. Well, stressing out is counterintuitive to the aromatherapy lifestyle, which is why we’ve put together this list of gifts you could get for the aromatherapy lover in your life (or really, for anyone who loves to be relaxed and happy!).

#1 Reading Material

Information is everywhere and the literature on Aromatherapy is no different. Introduce your friends to Aromatherapy with Essential Oils for Beginners by Julia Grady (Barnes & Noble; $10.78). Give the aromatherapy nut The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood (Amazon; $13.43).

#2 Essential Oil Selection

Not sure which essential oil your loved one likes (or needs)? Or maybe they’re experimenting, just starting out with their essential oil journey. Pick up an essential oil beginners kit (like this one from Mountain Rose Herbs; $32) and introduce them to the big aromas in aromatherapy. Or pick up Zaq’s Top 6 Therapeutic Essential Oil Gift Set (Amazon; $34.99) - you’ll get on bottle of each of Zaq’s essential oils.

#3 Gift of Relaxation

For the person who needs help relaxing (or just loves soaking in bubbles), pick up bath products, like bubble bath or bath salts, fizzers, melts, etc. We suggest finding one with rose, sandalwood, neroli, vetiver, lavender or jasmine essential oils worked into it - these essential oils are great for soothing, grounding and relaxing the body (exactly what you want in your bath).

#4 Spa day, anyone?

Nothing says “you’re the best” better than a spa day. Here you can either pick up a gift certificate for his or her favourite spa (we suggest a massage and a maybe a body wrap). If you’re looking for something a bit longer-lasting, try a DIY “spa day basket” - include the following in your basket:

Massage or body oil (look for lavender, peppermint, mandarin or lemon) Gel eye mask Loofah Soft washcloth Soft towel Soft slippers Extra-soft robe

#5 Aromatherapy Diffuser

Obviously we want to include this on our list. Especially if you’re picking up one of those essential oil kits, since your recipient will need some way to reap the benefits of your very amazing gift. Check out Zaq’s diffusers or head over to Amazon to purchase!

#6 On-the-go Aromatherapy

If the person you’re buying for is more active than most (and thus, not really looking to sit back for a long bath), there are a few on-the-go opens to keep them grounded throughout the day. Why not try Zaq’s new Tour diffuser - it’s a diffuser for the car! (Amazon; $29.99). For the essential oil enthusiast who is always travelling, this Key Chain Case (AromaTools; $6.50) is a fun idea (it has several design options as well).

#7 All Day Aromatherapy

Also for the person on the go (who doesn’t actual travel, but is just always out), help them stay focussed with this DIY Perfume Locket (AromaTools). Or, if you’re not crafty, pick them up some body/hand lotion. Either option will allow them to replenish the scent when it fades from their skin. We suggest looking for rosemary, basil, juniper, peppermint or sage to keep them focussed and energized.

#8 Active & Fit

If your recipient is a runner, this glow in the dark wrist band with a hidden key compartment (PocketBands; $9)  is one awesome stocking stuffer - no more tying your keys to your shoelaces! Or maybe they go to the gym to do their running - this easy to carry gym bag (Fabletics; $39.95) gives them the across the body or handle options.

#9 Post-workout Accessories

Your spouse’s muscles take a hit after every workout - treat them to post-workout relief with an aromatherapy hot/cold pack (Nature’s Approach via Amazon; $9.99) or roll out those aches with a foam roller (Trigger Point Performance via Amazon; $29.50). You can also help their muscles recover with essential oils.

#10 Donate in their Name

Gifts aren’t always about giving to the person - it can be about giving to a cause as well, in your recipient’s name. Instead of wracking your brain trying to figure out what your recipient wants (and will actually use), check out organizations like Sevenly - where you can purchase apparel with the assurance that a charity worthy of support will get funds from your purchase. Or check out the following sites: - your recipient gets to pick a project to support and will even hear back from the classroom! - You choose the value; your recipient choose the charity. It’s as simple as that! - You select a few charities that your recipient can give to.

Have any other suggestions for the person in your life that’s into aromatherapy or wants to live a fuller life? Share them with us!

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