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I love it thank u it work great


All my dark spots are fading

Never felt more refreshed!

Getting my day started has never felt better with those dark underlies vanishing!

Excellent scrubber

This is by the far the most effective handheld I have used, great device and price.

Ice Blue Eye Patch

These patches are fabulous! Easy to use with great results in only a few minutes. They're great for reducing the puffiness around the eye area and have a soothing and cooling effect. Highly recommended!

Very hydrating!!

It's very hydrating. You can immediately see a difference. It feels great on the lips.

Love gel eye patches

I loved them, I want to use them all day,

I have dry skin but I really liked these patches, it moisturizes me very well. Yes, I recommend them 😍


I'm completely enamored with this compact mat! It's become a part of my daily routine, and I can't seem to get my fill of it. Its lightweight and portability are just fantastic. Given our frequent travels, it's now a permanent fixture in our luggage.

Great for all Ages!

I wanted to find a nice quality and affordable spatula like this and this fits the bill. Has multiple modes for different type of use.

Invest in your skin's health and appearance with this excellent investment opportunity.

After incorporating the ZAQ Noor 2.0 LED Therapy Face mask into my skincare routine for the past two weeks, I'm genuinely amazed by the noticeable results it has delivered. Despite my initial skepticism regarding its efficacy within such a brief timeframe, I've witnessed a remarkable transformation in my skin's texture and radiance. The consistent use of the mask, five days a week, upon waking up, has notably revitalized my complexion. Notably, I've observed increased facial circulation, resulting in diminished fine lines—a testament to my commitment to embracing graceful aging at 43.

Having extensively researched various mask options, I confidently affirm that selecting the ZAQ Noor 2.0 was indeed the right decision. Its adaptable design ensures a snug and comfortable fit on my face, an essential feature for someone who frequently travels like myself. Furthermore, the mask's portability, complete with additional plugs for international outlets, adds to its allure. Needless to say, I am thoroughly satisfied with my investment and its remarkable contribution to my skincare regimen.

I've already noticed a significant reduction in the size and visibility of my pores.

After extensive research on extraction tools and nearly investing ten times the amount in a pricier brand, I am thrilled that I took the time to explore and discovered this particular tool, especially since it's the same one used by my skin aesthetician for her facials. It has truly made a difference—I've already noticed a significant reduction in the size and visibility of my pores. Ordering this was definitely a great decision! Just ensure your face is clean and moist (preferably right after a hot shower or facial steaming). One thing to note is that it may feel a bit sharp on certain angles compared to other brands that have a more rounded metal edge.

Compact Size, Quick and easy

I'm genuinely amazed at how effectively it cleansed my face after just the initial use. My skin appears remarkably smooth and supple. The micro vibrations truly exceeded my expectations; I didn't anticipate such effectiveness. It absolutely surpassed my expectations, leaving my skin looking and feeling absolutely wonderful.

Love this mask

It was my first time using a mask like this and it felt so good . My face felt so rejuvenated and cool after using it

Great feedback from clients!!

This device paid for itself with in a few appointments. Will order few more also tried other products from zaq loved it. Amazing service

Honest review

Eye patches are one of my favorite things to use as a busy, tired mom. These eye patches have a refreshing, feeling and feel like an ice roller. The biggest benefits I noticed from these were reduced puffiness and my under eyes appeared firmer. I do wish these came in a package with more than one set.

Amazing addition to my skincare!

This product has become an amazing addition to my skincare! It’s very therapeutic to use and I look forward to using it during my self care days. I love the improvement it’s had on my skin barrier!


I reached out to the company about the problem with my device. The response was prompt and they were super efficient.
Five (5) stars ⭐️ to customer service.
I will be given a new device once I return my present device.

my favorite tool

leaves my face feeling so soft and i’ve noticed a difference in my skin. my acne is reduced and my skin just feels healthy

It works! Just keep using it!

At first I didn’t know if it was working but after using it for two weeks, I felt my skin getting smoother and brighter. It’s almost like it’s making my skincare products work better for me? Anyways, I love it!

Perfect handheld light therapy wand

As someone in the beauty industry for nearly 20 years I have tried many products and tools over the years. Because of that it can be difficult to really wow me. I have a similar tool the this wand but it doesn’t have blue light and while I do like it I’ve never seen much for results. When I received the Zayn 5-in-1 Skincare Device with Red/Blue Light Therapy I used it as advised and noticed the vibration really added relaxation to the experience. Needless to say that is what initially got me using it regularly but within a few days time I could start to see minimal results with my skin feeling smoother and a reduction in any redness. As the weeks have gone by I have continued to see results with less puffiness, some of my fine lines appearing less noticeable, my skin tone continuing to improve along with my skin texture. Overall I am shocked with seeing results as quickly as I did and I couldn’t recommend this wand more highly. Being that it is handheld you have more flexibility for travel, ease of use, spot treating, etc.


This is my 2nd facial brush from ZAQ and I love them both. They have different speeds, helps exfoliate my skin and leaves with a brighter completion. This smaller version is great for traveling.

Lumin Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser with Lamp
Roberta Branner The House of October

I love the diffuser combo lamp! The color options made it suitable for my salon and it was easy to assemble and I used it right away.

Left my skin feeling plump and rejuvinated

Usually gel masks such as this one do not leave my skin feeling hydrated afterward, this mask from the moment I put it on my face started lifting the dry and flakey skin due to the winter.