Achieve a harmonious state of color and aroma with our captivating Noor diffuser. Atmosphere is essential to relaxation. This eco-friendly device features a traditional pyramid design that is smooth and curved to give it a gentle, inviting profile. Mood-enhancing colored LEDs are illuminated near the diffuser’s peak, producing a sensual glow that helps ease the mind and move the spirit. Choose a color that inspires you or turn the light off and let your mind drift into a scent-inspired paradise without visual distractions. Each unit is made to high standards so you can enjoy your diffuser for years to come. Our Noor model is simple to use and consumes very little energy so you can achieve Nirvana whenever you need it and live greener.

Our Noor diffuser features:

  • Advanced LiteMist aromatherapy technology with auto shut off function
  • 3 to 4 hours of operation without condensation
  • Pleasant aromas complemented by soothing multi colored lights
  • At-home relaxation that moisturizes skin
  • ZAQ Noor with A/C adapter that makes a great gift (oil sold separately)


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