Mini Ice Globes Cooling Globes for the Face & Eyes

✓ Say Goodbye to Puffy Skin
✓ Shrink Large Pores
✓ Cool Down Angry Breakouts
✓ Boost Blood Flow
✓ Lift and Firm Your Face


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Product Information

Ice Globe massage eliminates redness and calms skin after waxing, extractions, electrolysis, peels and microdermabrasion. The cold glass stimulate blood circulation and oxygenate skin to give a more firm and de-puffed appearance. This chilled massage offers an excellent treatment for sinus pain, puffy eyes, headaches or migraines. ZAQ Ice Globes stimulate nerves to exercise facial muscles, eliminate fine lines, tighten skin and help reduce large pores.


  • Eliminates redness and calms after waxing, extractions and electrolysis. 
  • Stimulates blood circulation and oxygenates skin, excellent after various peel and microdermabrasion. 
  • Helps setting makeup. 
  • Excellent treatment for sinus, puffy eyes, headaches and migraines. 
  • Stimulates the nerves and exercises facial muscles. 
  • Helps to reduce large pores. 
  • Tightens skin and eliminates fine lines. 
  • Soothes skin after acne treatment. 
  • Provides a cool finishing touch at the end of each facial.


ZAQ Award's & Seen In

EXTRA - ZAQ Red Light Therapy


  1. Reduce Puffiness: Ice Globes help with morning facial puffiness caused by poor lymphatic drainage.
  2. Calm Breakouts: Ice globes soothe redness from pimples and irritated skin, reducing inflammation.
  3. Minimize Pores: Ice application shrinks enlarged pores by clearing excess oil.
  4. Improve Circulation: Ice globes boost blood flow by addressing clogged lymphatic fluids.
  5. Lift and Firm: Our ice globes lift saggy skin, sculpting your face and reducing wrinkles.

Before & After

Decreased Puffiness: Incorporating these ice globes into my routine has led to a noticeable decrease in morning puffiness. They are incredibly effective at diminishing the appearance of under-eye bags.
I adore these! As a single mom, prioritizing self-care is crucial. After a taxing day, massaging my face with these feels absolutely heavenly. The included pamphlet illustrates various techniques for achieving your desired outcomes, making it effortless and rejuvenating.

4 Ways Ice Therapy Can Transform Your Skin: Unlocking the Power of Clinically Proven Ice Therapy

Ice Globes are highly effective at addressing various skin concerns and can produce quick results. Here are the steps to use Ice Globes to achieve the desired benefits:



Wash globes with anti-bacterial soap after use. Spray or wipe down with rubbing alcohol. Keep in the fridge, or in a bowl of ice before you use them to get the anti-inflammatory benefits.


Apply a generous layer of thick moisturizer, oil, or a moisturizing mask to facilitate smooth gliding of these globes.

Utilize the globes as necessary for alleviating puffy eyes or facial puffiness. To address puffiness, a one-minute application in the morning suffices. Additionally, integrate these globes into a weekly anti-aging stimulating treatment regimen.

Place them over inflamed pimples as required to aid in soothing redness.

What's the recommended frequency for using the facial globes?

Feel free to use the facial globes as frequently as required. Incorporate them with a serum, face oil, or eye cream in the morning to depuff the skin, before applying makeup to prime the skin, or to soothe an active breakout.

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Ava L.

I love these globes, the handles are super ergonomic and the ball end is the perfect size. I’m already considering buying a second set!