Our graceful Dew diffuser is a breathtaking home accessory that will completely change the way you relax. This eye-catching design is made to last for years, with durable components and a practical shape that is both compact and beautiful. The wider base and short, narrow opening recreate the natural shape of fresh dew as it rests upon crisp leaves on a bright spring morning. Breathe in the luxurious aroma of your favorite oils while moisturizing skin with the gentle caress of water vapor. No dangerous heat is required to produce the diffuser’s unique ionizing and humidifying effect so you can enjoy an accessory that is both innovative and safe.

Our Dew diffuser features:

  • Innovative LiteMist technology for better dispersion
  • Auto shut off that actives when water runs out
  • Low energy consumption that is eco-friendly
  • 80 ml water capacity with multiple LED lights
  • ZAQ Dew with A/C adaptor that makes a great gift (oil sold separately)


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